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Description: Part # 100380MS

MrSteam steam restictor is a part only needed when your steam is not thick enough. This part will allow the steam to become thicker, by putting a little amount of pressure in the steam line. This allows the steam to thicken up and provides a higher quality steam session.


Tips and Tricks:

- Quickly installs, just remove your steam line at the steam generator (once line is completely cooled and power is shut off). Once removed, install restrictor directly on the steam oulet nipple using teflon tape. 

- Once restrictor is tightend up, install your steam line with teflon tape and you are done!



- All parts will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (buyer pays shipping)

- All installed product cannot be returned.

MrSteam - Steam Restrictor - Part # 100380MS

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