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MrSteam Generators



- Where can this unit be located? Pretty much anywhere (freezing locations subject to heated space, please check installation manual).

- MrSteam's MS90-400 units are the size of a briefcase which means you can find a location in any house. Super generators are slightly bigger than the regular MS90-400 generators. Max units take special space requirements. Please look over installation and operation manual before installing. 

- What stands out about MrSteam's product? MrSteam offers safety features that no other manufacturer does. From safety time delays to low voltage components, they have it covered. 

- MrSteam MS90-400 units use no more than 1 gallon of water in a 20 min steam session.

- Autosteam features (standard in all models)

- Water probe chamber, unique to MrSteam units

- Removable and serviceable components

- No mix and matching controls - all MrSteam controls will work with any steam generator. 

- Do not be fooled by inaccurate information out there. MrSteam units can only be placed up to 50ft away ( 60ft cable sold seperately). All controller packages come with a 30ft cable automatically (airtempo is wireless).


Parts we recomend:

- Condensation pan (103867) for MAX units use (104402). A condensation pan is always for peace of mind. Although your condensation pan should always remain empty of any liquid, its can be there for any mishaps. 

- Autoflush (MS81500E) for MAX units use (CT81500). An autoflush is your preventative maintenance for your steam unit. An Autoflush will prolong the process of calcium build up, which is the #1 reason why steam units fail today. Having an autoflush will not only flush out and prolong the process of calcium, but it will also give you clean fresh steam everytime you take a steam shower. Keep your steam unit running from year to year with this crucial piece.



- Free returns on all UNOPENED product. (buyer must pay shipping)

- All opened product will be subject to a 25% restocking fee

- All installed product cannot be returned, please contact manufacturer for further assistance. 


Steam Generator Spec Chart:

- MS90EC1 - 240V, 1Ph, 5kw, Room Volume-up to 100cuft, Breaker size 30amp, Wire Size 10awg

- MS150EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 6KW, Room Volume-101-150cuft, Breaker Size 40Amp, Wire size 8awg

- MS225EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 7.5KW, Room Volume-151-225cuft, Breaker Size 50Amp, Wire Size 8awg

- MS400EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 7.5KW, Room Volume-226-360cuft, Breaker Size 60Amp, Wire Size 8awg

- MSSUPER1EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 10KW, Room Volume-361-475cuft, Breaker Size 60amp, Wire Size 8awg

- MSSUPER2EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 12KW, Room Volume-476-575cuft, Breaker Size 70amp, Wire Size 6awg

- MSSUPER3EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 15KW, Room Volume-576-675cuft, Breaker Size 80amp, Wire Size 4awg

- MX4EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 20KW, Room Volume-676-875cuft, Breaker Size 110amp, Wire Size 2awg

- MX5EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 24KW, Room Volume-876-1075cuft, Breaker Size 125amp, Wire Size 1awg

- MX6EC1 - 240V, 1PH, 30KW, Room Volume-1076-1275cuft, Breaker Size 175amp, Wire Size 2/0awg


* Breaker and wire size are subject to 90deg C/300V rated insulated copper conductors only, sized in accordance with National Electrical Code and local electrical code for the current in Ampere Chart. 

MrSteam - Steam Generators

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