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Description: Part # 103540

MrSteam Gasket Kit is for commercial elements only! MrSteam has recently updated their gasket, removing the need for teflon paste, so do not be alarmed if the gasket looks different from the one you currently have.

- 6 new bolts

- 6 new element wire nuts

- single gasket


Tips and Tricks:

- With this new gasket, you need to make sure the tank gasket flange is PERFECTLY clean. If there are any rough spots you may cause a leak.

- Use any type of abrasive pad to remove any old build up on tank gasket flange and element flange.

- When element is installed, make sure to tighten bolts down in a star pattern. NEVER use the old bolts.

- 22ftlb torque for element bolts



- All parts will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (buyer pays shipping)

- All installed product cannot be returned.

MrSteam - Gasket Kit (commercial) - Part # 103540

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