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Description: Part # 104066

MrSteam's Digital 1 control is meant for commercial use only. This is the control only (does not include temperature probe)


- Operating temperature (120deg max)

- High Limit sensor (130deg)

- Displays ambient temp


Description: Part # 104055

MrSteam's Power Block is for all MSSUPER1-3 models. Whether your steam unit is 1 day old or 30 years old, this will be the power block for you. 


Tips and Tricks:

- Power blocks may look different in older steam generators. Do not be discouraged, this contactor is the correct one. Generators that are from 2008 and older may require a single hole drilled to mount the new style power block.



- All parts will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (buyer pays shipping)

- All installed product cannot be returned.

MrSteam - D1 Control (commercial) - Part # 104066

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