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- MrSteam heating elements come with a new gasket, flange nuts, and element wire nuts.

- Heating element is made from copper for high temperature usage

- This selection of heating elements are for models MS90-MS400 (all years apply) please use the drop down menu to select the correct element for your steam unit. 


Tips and Tricks:

- Knowing our experience with steam and working for MrSteam for over 10 years, we can truly give you the best advice on how to keep your steam unit running smoothly.

- If you are looking to replace your heating element, your element most likely gave out due to calcium build up, or just gave out over the years. In either case you will want to follow these steps closely:

  • Always ensure your power is off at the main breaker before any work is performed.
  • Remove the old heating element (heating elements are located on the left hand side where the little access door is). This will require a screwdriver, 1/2 socket/nut driver and a 3/8 nut driver.
  • You will notice some calcium in your tank. Make sure all that calcium is scraped out (the cleaner the better). 
  • One secret no one tells you - you MUST clean the probe channel. If the probe channel is not cleaned, you can blow your new element right away. 
  • You will notice a "C" channel to the right side of the inside of the tank. You should be able to stick your finger up into that channel. If not, this means it is clogged. You will need to scrape away all that debris until its very clean. 
  • Remove the water probe at the top of the unit (removing top cover first). This will take a 13/16 socket and ratchet.
  • Once probe is removed, clean the stainless rod with any abrasive pad or sand paper, making sure its nice and clean. 
  • Look down the probe socket. You may need to clean down the hole a little bit. 
  • Install probe with teflon tape only. 
  • Vacuum out all loose debris inside the tank, making sure you get every piece.
  • Install new heating element, making sure to tighten all nuts in a star pattern.
  • Install heating element wires as they were. (DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN)
  • Re-install the element cover and top cover to unit.
  • Turn power back on and test your steam unit.


*Part numbers:

  • 29051CMS - MS90 - 240V - 1PH - 5KW
  • 29051BMS - MS90 - 208V - 1PH - 5KW
  • 29061CMS - MS150 - 240V - 1PH - 6KW
  • 29061BMS - MS150 - 208V - 1PH - 6KW
  • 29071CMS - MS225 - 240V - 1PH - 7.5KW
  • 29071BMS - MS225 - 208V - 1PH - 7.5KW
  • 29081CMS - MS300 - 240V - 1PH - 8KW
  • 29081BMS - MS300 - 208V - 1PH - 8KW
  • 29091CMS - MS400 - 240V - 1PH - 9KW
  • 29091BMS - MS400 - 240V - 1PH - 9KW



- All part will be subject to a 25% restocking fee (buyer pays shipping)

- All installed product cannot be returned.

MrSteam - Heating Elements - MS90-MS400

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